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  • All riders must adhere to the Mountain Biker’s Responsibility Code.

  • Helmets are mandatory while riding on the property.

  • All of our trails are well marked. Riders are to remain on the marked bike trails and obey all directional signage.

  • Trail Patrol can be contacted at 519-942-0751 to report any issues or infractions.


The Bike Trails @ Hockley are being developed to accommodate all levels of riders. Please be aware that our current trails (Winery Trail) is designated for intermediate riders and consists of some flat sections with mostly rolling trails for those that like a little bit of up and down, however steeper hill climbs are present. Riders should have the proper skill level and physical ability before purchasing their trail pass.


The staff members are fully trained in first aid and we have a Bike Patrol every weekend that constantly monitor the trails for your safety.


All of our trails are ONE WAY. We ask that you still bike with care and to be aware of corners, but there are fewer incidents on one way trails. Do not stop in areas where you are not visible from both directions and where you will block the path of the trail for other riders.


Trails are cleared daily of any debris, however always be alert should branches or rocks be knocked down by bikers before you. .


At the end of each day we sweep our trails to make sure that everyone is safely back to their cars.


We ask that all riders respect others on the trail and pass with care. A polite call of “on your left” as you go by a slower rider is the best way to pass.


Please watch for hikers on the Bruce tail as it crosses the bike trail in a few places. Signage is in place for hikers to yield to bikers, but please proceed with caution at trail crossings.


Equipment Requirements

  • Full suspension bikes and Hardtail mountain bikes are recommended.

  • All bikes MUST have working brakes (no coaster brakes).

  • BMX bikes are not permitted.

  • Helmets are mandatory.

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